The surface of Axminster carpets is thick and soft. The yarn of it is mostly wool or wool with nylon blending that decides its excellent quality with smooth carpet surface, good resilience, high comfort, flame retardant, and durability. Axminster carpet machine combined modern with traditional craftsmanship ensures carpet quality and production efficiency.

Axminster carpets are typically made of 40% New Zealand wool, 40% Britain wool and and 20% nylon, or 80% wool and 20% nylon, but can also be produced as 100% wool or as 100% nylon.We have 10 Axminster looms, Various specifications (density) are available, depending on the expected traffic


Compared to machine-made Carpet, hand-tufted Carpet has fewer limitations in terms of weaving. Generally, a hand-tufted rug is made of wool and unique materials such as nylon, viscose, and silk. The bright colors, rich patterns, and solid three-dimensional effects make hand-tufted carpets have a high value of use and appreciation. So it is the best choice for commercial and home use


The hand-knotted rug can meet all your demands on shape, size, colors, and yarns. Even though it is time-consuming to make it, its dedicated handcrafted processing prolongs the life of rugs by several decades to a hundred years. That is why the hand-knotted rug is precious to a collection


Give the plain Axminster carpet more layers, and loop piles, widely used in hotels, cruise ships and other commercial places.Features Axminster and hand-tufted in one carpet,both cut and loom piles can be seen from a piece of carpet, that is really fabulous artwork.The price of Axminster with over tuft carpet is between the Axminster carpet and hand-tufted carpet. It is suitable for most commercial places

We can also provide


Carpet Tile is a kind of Carpet that can be paved according to the ways of laying carpets and shape specifications, and it can be divided into pattern block carpet and whole pavement carpet. Carpet pile is mainly used in the office field


Printed Carpet is a machine-made Carpet that is based on the printing process. The printing process is diverse in printing, textiles and materials, dyeing colors, patterns, Etc. The carpet surface comprises various forms such as bent veil, loop-pile jacquard, and open loop combination. The Printed Carpet is famous for its rich patterns, strong sense of stereoscopic, good elasticity, high color fastness, anti-mildew, anti-insect, Etc


Customers can design colors and patterns of carpets by themselves, send all designs to us, and we will do carpets according to their demands


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