Going out "Qinghai made" stage

Standing high, looking at the world, strategizing, and winning a thousand miles.

In the past year, our province has closely strengthened the functions of the national important ecological safety barrier, the function of the national strategic resource continuation base, and the function of supporting the eastern and western fulcrum. It has actively integrated into the “One Belt and One Road”, the Western Development, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the counterpart’s assistance to Qinghai. , National Strategy for Poverty Reduction in the East and the West, etc., Inspire New Energy in Qinghai


Xue Ting: Traveling all over the world with Qinghai rugs

On January 19th, Xue Ting, Chairman of Qinghai Shengyuan Rug Group Co., Ltd., who had just returned from the exhibition in Hanover, Germany, arrived in Beijing to attend the last class and New Year party of the Tsinghua Wuzhongkou Financial EMBA this semester.

“In the past year, along with the initiative of Qinghai to actively integrate the 'Belt and Road' initiative, I took the Qinghai carpets to many countries and regions in the world, seized opportunities with practical actions, and realized the transformation and upgrading of enterprises through technological innovation. Let the rug as a traditional industry be able to 'new shoots and new branches' in the old tree,' she said.

“Although our products have already started the journey to the international arena, we must still conform to the construction of the “One Belt and One Road” policy and make good use of policies to make the 'International Line' go more solidly. Not only will the 'Shengyuan' carpet be launched, but also It is necessary to push the overall advantages of the Qinghai carpet industry to the world." How to better do "International Fan"? As a carpet manufacturer, to adapt to the fast-paced era, it is necessary to achieve transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing through technological innovation.

“It is thanks to the good policies of Qinghai Province and through the national strategy of 'Belt and Road', more and more countries and regions have recognized Qinghai carpets. We are also constantly striving to transform and upgrade and integrate the most advanced technologies into traditional industries.” Xue Ting It is said that from the exploration period of transformation and upgrading of enterprises a few years ago, through technological innovation, it has become the first company in the national carpet industry to realize intelligent factories. They are in line with the “Belt and Road” development and have become a national and even a worldwide The "Shengyuan" brand and the "Qinghai" brand are ready to go.

Optimize the structure of foreign trade

Last year, in order to seize the “One Belt and One Road” major strategic period and promote the development of Qinghai at a higher level and higher level, the province has successively issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting Physical Retail Innovation Transformation” “On implementing the strategy of the National Free Trade Zone. Implementation Opinions, "Qinghai Province's Measures to Promote Stability in Foreign Trade, and Other Measures," and other policy documents, promoted the deep integration of the "Belt and Road" from the policy level.

The establishment of a joint conference system for the development of free trade zones in the province has led organizations such as the Customs, Inspection and Quarantine, Taxation, Finance, and Exit and Entry Administrations to convene a number of special meetings to disseminate the policies of districts and enterprises, understand problems and resolve difficulties.

Jointly with Xining Customs and Qinghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, we will in-depth clean up fees for import and export, increase the level of information application and sharing, simplify customs declaration and inspection and quarantine procedures, and improve the level of foreign trade facilitation services.

We will vigorously implement the “dollar-dollar-funded enterprise incubation plan” and “export independent brand fostering plan” and strive to expand the scale of self-operated merchandise import and export, and continue to promote the stability of our province’s foreign trade.

Up to now, special products such as code steel plate, lithium iron phosphate, Qilian jade, and books have been exported for the first time; exports of ferrosilicon, coke, aluminum profiles, Tibetan embroidery, and seabuckthorn products have continued to expand; Lithium battery separator production equipment has been substantially imported With the increase, the development level of processing trade has been continuously improved.

Data show that from January to November 2017, the total amount of self-operated merchandise imports and exports in our province was 3.77 billion yuan, an increase of 44.4% year-on-year. Among them, exports 2.28 billion yuan, an increase of 38.2%; imports 1.49 billion yuan, an increase of 56.0%.

Going out of the country

The establishment of the Licorice Extraction and Separation Plant in Turkmenistan established the series of health tea products with licorice as the main line. The clinical trials of licorice toothpaste by the Peking Union Medical College Hospital had significant effects on oral ulcers and other symptoms. Qinghai Lake Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Produced Glycyrrhizine and Glycyrrhiza Chalcone, glycyrrhizin, polysaccharides and other related products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, and the quality of products has reached the same level as that of international companies such as the United States and Japan.

After years of cultivation and development, the high-quality, pollution-free cold-water fish produced in Qinghai, represented by salmon, rainbow trout and golden mullet, have been well sold at home and abroad. In 2017, Qinghai cold water fish exports achieved new breakthroughs, reaching 1,600 tons. Inadvertently, the cold-water fishes in Qinghai have become increasingly popular in the domestic coastal cities and gradually embark on the tables of foreign consumers.

Enterprises go out of the country to carry out foreign investment and cooperation, not only show their own strength, but also reflect the ability and level of a local opening to the outside world. Last year, large and medium-sized enterprises in the province, including the fourth hydropower station, mutual aid barley wine, Ruili Investment, and Guinan Grass Industry, actively took a “going out” pace in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Afghanistan, and North Korea. , Nepal and Malaysia and other countries and regions carry out international capacity cooperation in mining, building materials manufacturing, hotel catering, logistics development, real estate, and agricultural planting.