Leveraging the “Belt and Road” Dongfeng Qinghai Tibetan Blanket to win more international orders

June 06, 2017 15:57  Source: Xihai City Daily

Chief Editor: Zhang Liping, Yang Yang

  This year, 18 local companies in our province participated in the Tibet Blanket Exhibition, displaying innovative results to professional merchants from all over the world. They received consistent high praise and orders followed. This not only benefits from the good platform for the exchange and cooperation of the carpet industry in the global carpet industry, but also benefits from the “Belt and Road” initiative.

  Innovation: Smart Manufacturing Turns Concept into Reality

  To say that one of the most eye-catching carpets on the Tibetan carpet exhibition is probably the LED sky blanket exhibited by Qinghai Shengyuan Rug Group Co., Ltd. This is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

  In order to adapt to market changes and meet market demands, this year, Shengyuan Group has launched a series of smart manufacturing products, making intelligent factories and personalized customization no longer just a concept. During the Tibetan carpet exhibition, the company invited European guests who came to attend the event to visit the factory and photographed one of the guests. An hour later, the guest, who was happily visiting, received a special gift - a portrait tapestry based on his photographs. The pattern on the tapestry looks just like the picture. The European guests were very surprised. Everyone on the site was amazed and had a keen interest in the production technology.

  Xue Ting, chairman of Shengyuan Group, introduced that the production of such a carpet requires only taking a high-resolution photo and sending the photo to the designer. The designer uses design software to convert it into a carpet pattern. The finished product can be presented to the customer in an hour. , not only can clearly restore the image of the image and details, the color is also as bright as the photo.

  “It took two or three days to make such a carpet in the past. This is the result of technological innovation.” Xue Ting said that the popular LED sky blanket is also based on more than one hundred high-definition photos of the stars.

  Innovation: The low-end products enter the family of ordinary people

  Tibetan carpet exhibition, both high-end personalized customization, but also popular low-end products. This is also one of the results of innovation。

  For the domestic low-end consumer market and the "Belt and Road" along the national market, Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Carpet Group Co., Ltd. focused on the introduction of a generation, second-generation imitation cashmere blanket. This kind of carpet is particularly close to the people both in design and price, and is more easily accepted by ordinary people.

  It is precisely because of the introduction of new products with high performance-price ratio. At this time of the Tibet Blanket Exhibition, Tibetan Sheep Group has signed export orders of more than 11 million U.S. dollars with countries in Europe, America and Central Asia, and domestic enterprises in Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia. Signed more than 17 million yuan orders. Chairman Ma Xinmin said that this is better than he expected.

  As a supplier of raw materials for Tibetan carpets, Qinghai Snow Boat Sanrong Group Co., Ltd. has also continued to make a fuss about its products. For example, adding other fibers in the ratio of cattle and cashmere to reduce market prices and increase market competitiveness. Ma Mingqing, deputy general manager of the company, said that Snowboat Group is a national enterprise. After the country advocates the construction of “One Belt and One Road,” the company has established contacts with some companies in Central Asia. The mixed cattle and cashmere materials they launched are very popular in the Central Asian market. The total sales of more than 300 million yuan, of which 40% of export sales.

  Innovation: From selling rugs to selling a lifestyle

  For many people, carpets are comfortable to use, but they are inconvenient to clean. This is also the primary factor restricting carpets from entering ordinary domestic families. It is precisely because of the lack of professional cleaning organizations that match the production and sales of carpets. Qinghai Himalayan Home Co., Ltd. saw business opportunities and developed carpet after-sales service a year ago, forming a complete industrial chain.

  Lang Minghai, general manager of the company, told reporters that users only need to download one APP and order online. The staff will soon enter the home to clean the carpet. After more than one year of operation, this service has been profitable. He said that professional carpet cleaning service is a trend, he is very optimistic about the market prospects, not only can promote the sale of carpets, but also promote the carpet into domestic families. "We sell not only carpet, but a way of life, an overall service." Lang Minghai said.

  When it comes to carpet sales, Lang Minghai said that the Sino-European trains that were opened on September 8 last year had 42 pieces of wagons loaded with Himalayan products. As the only company in the country that produces tufted home carpets, the Himalayan has warehouses, intelligent cutting equipment, sales agencies and retail stores in Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and other countries. In Europe alone, there are 700 retail stores. Part of the company's "going out" strategy.

  By the "Belt and Road" Dongfeng Qinghai Tibetan Blanket will go further and further

  Go out and occupy the global carpet market. For our province's Tibetan carpet companies, they are striding on this road. With the “Belt and Road” of the east wind, Qinghai Tibetan blankets will go further and further.

Zhang Guangxian, deputy general manager of Shengyuan Group, said that they are committed to the production of international commercial carpets. The purpose of participating in the Tibet Blanket Exhibition is to push the products to the world again through the exhibition. “Our products have been sold all over the world, especially in countries along the Belt and Road in Dubai, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, etc. I believe that with the advancement of the 'Belt and Road' initiative, the development of tourism resources in the countries along the route will be developed. As more and more hotels and shopping malls are built, sales of carpets will surely increase significantly.” Zhang Guangxian said that they are producing orders from Vietnam and Indonesia, and this time, guests from Dubai also came to the carpet exhibition, and orders have been basically implemented.

  Faced with domestic and international competition and economic pressures, other carpet companies are also actively striving to innovate in product R&D, production methods, sales models, and market development. They are confident that while carrying out product sales and brand promotion, they will also promote the Tibetan carpet culture to the world. Through increasing exchanges and cooperation, they will form a good interactive effect and make the company bigger and stronger.