Traditional + Intelligent Qinghai Tibetan Carpet Speeds Run with Vibrant Trend

Xining, People's Network, June 6th, June 6th Since the summer of 13 years ago, the first Qinghai Tibetan Blanket Exhibition ended on the shore of Qingshui Lake. As a result, China's Tibetan carpets have taken a crucial step towards internationalization from the Qinghai Plateau. Thirteen years later, Qinghai is using a brand-new stance and broad-mindedness to bridge the world's culture and use the country’s strong “Belt and Road” style to weave the world’s splendid embroidery and draw a new blueprint for the openness of the plateau. At the 2017 China (Qinghai) Tibetan Blanket International Exhibition “Tibet Blanket Capital” special promotion meeting for enterprises, Shengyuan carpets and other industries devoted themselves to the meticulously woven and laid-back blankets, once again highlighting the “Capital of Tibet” in Damei Qinghai. "Charm.

Tibetan carpet industry "3D" printing technology

A photograph taken on a cell phone can be transformed into a beautiful Tibetan blanket after being processed. On June 4, under the witness of the reporter, Xue Ting, Chairman of Shengyuan Carpet Company, took the portrait of the manufactory and uploaded it to the reporter. It took only less than two hours and it was hidden. ) The carpet industry combines the transformation of smart technologies.

The picture shows a scene of a factory made by Shengyuan Carpet Company

Today's Qinghai Tibetan (blanket) carpet industry is moving toward smart technology, human-machine interface and customization. "Technology reform + sales reform, we will use the "Belt and Road" of the east wind, under the guidance of the government to speed up the run." According to 2017 China (Qinghai) International Exhibition of Tibetan carpet carpet "Capital City of Tibetan carpets" corporate special exhibition exhibitors Xue Ting, chairman of the company’s source carpet company, introduced that Shengyuan’s rugs have been sold from traditional traditional bulk goods until today’s orders are placed, for private custom sales, and from the production of a number of Tibetan blankets in recent months, From the production to the completion of several days, the Tibetan blankets were delivered to the customers. The development of Shengyuan carpets with the help of the government has been rapid over the past few years.

The picture shows the capital of Tibetan carpets exhibition hall

First realization of virtual exhibition function

At the same time, the reporter learned that at this time of the International Tibetan Blanket Exhibition, in order to better display the image of the Qinghai Tibetan carpet company and improve the level of intelligent services, the Tibet Blanket Exhibition will realize the virtual exhibition function for the first time. The public can scan the WeChat 2D. Enter the online network platform and watch the entire history of the Tibetan carpet exhibition.

According to Ma Wei, Director of the Department of E-commerce and Informatization of the Department of Commerce of Qinghai Province, the virtual exhibition on the Tibetan carpet exhibition mainly includes five functions: exhibition VR, exhibitors, exhibition information, exhibitors, and tourism consulting. At the same time, it can switch between Chinese and English, providing convenient information display and service for domestic and foreign merchants.

In the Tibetan carpet exhibition VR, users can watch the entire exhibition center, each exhibition area and the surrounding environment through the mobile phone, so that users are immersed in the environment, increase the interaction between online exhibition and users, and bring more attraction to the exhibition. . At the same time, online exhibitors can use 3D three-dimensional animation to restore the topography of the exhibition center, increasing the fun of online browsing, each exhibition hall has an entrance, users can enter the exhibition hall 3D page to view detailed carpet information of the relevant exhibition hall. At the same time, the online exhibition will also display information such as the schedule of events, news of the exhibition, surrounding maps, and related tourism information, providing users with convenient services.